If thou wilt make a man happy,
add not unto his riches but
take away from his desires.

Epicurus of Samos

You wish for it, you’ll get it!

We don't just produce software, we make your vision come true.

We are flexible, fast and highly reliable with many years of experience in creating soft­ware solu­tions. Our offers include both indivi­dual solu­tions as well as standard products.
Individual software solutions
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Where standard products cannot meet important requi­rements, it is often worth­while to imple­ment a solution that is optimally tailored to one's own needs. We create high-quality soft­ware solu­tions for a wide range of fields and platforms. Because teamwork is always a pleasure for us, we work hand in hand with your specialists. Due to our many years of expe­rience in the most diverse project roles – from client to business analyst, project manager and tester to process owner etc. – we always pay close attention to all aspects and can harmonize the needs of all stakeholders involved.
MS Office programming (VBA, VSTA)
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Did you know that with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) you could achie­ve great gains in efficiency? And that with very little effort. MS Office applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook have the ability to create small but powerful mira­culous pro­grams, so-called VBA macros.
Macros allow repetitive processes or complex sequences of functions to be executed with a single mouse click, which can also be cross-appli­cation (for example, creating e-mails from data in an Excel list or importing unstruc­tured data).
Macros or VSTA (Visual Studio Tools for Appli­cations) can even be used to develop complete, more complex solutions, such as scheduling or person­nel planning, invoicing or quotation templates and much more.
A selection of our products
poxoq for patents is a software for querying and down­loading full-text documents in PDF format for patents, patent appli­cations and utility models from more than 40 countries. The software uses the Inpadoc and DOCDB databases of the European Patent Office. It has been in use for more than 10 years for satisfied patent resear­chers and patent attorneys. Find out more...
Module for the ERP software "PROFFIX simply business" for graphic planning/ reser­vation of any resources (employees, meeting rooms, etc.) with subse­quent invoi­cing and further functions.
Software solution for planning, exe­cution, exe­cution tracking, budget control and recal­culation of pro­duction orders inclu­ding delivery, work prepa­ration, material and personnel logistics. Among other things the proces­ses are optimally and efficiently supported due to graphi­cally oriented functions and the use of barcodes. The software implements a role-based autho­rization system and a 2-language user interface and is based on Microsoft SQL Server and .NET. It was developed on behalf of "Element AG" (concrete prefabrication).
Software to support acqui­sition activities, in particular contact mana­gement, quo­tation mana­gement, capacity planning and fore­casting. It was developed on behalf of "Element AG" (concrete prefabrication).
Excel-based solution for the creation of deploy­ment plans for the social-thera­peutic resi­dential group Villa Rosentau. It ensures among other things that at each time point the necessary services are covered and allows at the same time the overview of time and vacation balance. The use is supported by VBA program­ming.
A Windows background service for medical practices to transmit labo­ratory orders and auto­matically set up a dedicated virtual printer used in the doctor's software to trigger laboratory orders.