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If thou wilt make a man happy,
add not unto his riches but
take away from his desires.

Epicurus of Samos

Customised software development

We do not just program, we make your task our own

Before we commence any project, we analyse your needs, your work processes and wider environment, and look for the most economically viable solution. In many cases, efficiency and quality enhancement can be achieved with relatively simple solutions.

Individual software solutions

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Where standard products cannot meet important requirements, it is often worthwhile to implement a solution that is optimally tailored to one's own needs. We create high-quality software and we work hand in hand with your specialists. Due to our many years of experience in every project role – from client to process owner, from tester to business analyst to project manager etc. – we always pay close attention to all aspects and can harmonize the needs of all stakeholders involved. Our solutions are based mainly on MS technology (.NET / MSSQL).

MS Office programming (VBA, VSTA)

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Did you know that the range of functions of Word, Excel and Outlook can be extended relatively easily? This makes it possible to achieve amazing efficiency and quality enhancements! The automation options are extensive and can also operate across applications (e.g. sending Outlook e-mails from Excel lists). Using functions or more complex templates (e.g. calculating quotations or personnel planning), an increase in quality can often be achieved in addition to improved efficiency.
We create the necessary templates or toolbar add-ins using VBA/VSTA. We would be glad to examine the possibilities and to assist you with your specific requirements.
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A selection of our products

poxoq4web provides various function modules that are often required for websites (newsletter subscriptions and unsubscriptions, sliders, blogs, forms, etc.). They can be integrated into any website in a technically simple way and can be configured by the webmaster via a dashboard in a functionally and visually versatile way and can be customised safely by the site owner without special knowledge. Examples for slider, contact form, freely designable quotation page, blog.
poxoq for patents is a software for querying and downloading full-text documents in PDF format for patents, patent applications and utility models from more than 40 countries. The software uses the Inpadoc and DOCDB databases of the European Patent Office. It has been in use for more than 10 years by enthusiastic patent researchers and patent attorneys. Find out more...
Plug-in for filtering a list of providers and dynamically displaying hits using the Google Maps API. The plug-in was developed on behalf of Wirbelteam.
Module for the ERP software "PROFFIX" used for graphical planning and reservation of all types resources (employees, meeting rooms, etc.).
A comprehensive software solution for planning, execution, execution tracking, budget control and recalculation of production orders including delivery, work preparation, material and personnel logistics. Among other things, the processes are optimally and efficiently supported through the use of graphical modules, barcodes and interfaces to CAD (Tekla/Trimble). It was developed on behalf of Element AG.
Software solution to support acquisition activities, such as contact management, quotation management, capacity planning and forecasting. It was developed on behalf of Element AG.
The weekly time-consuming manual creation of individual PDFs for quotations and the subsequent e-mailing was automated by extending the existing MS Excel template. The solution was developed on behalf of Pavono.
Excel-based solution for the creation of staff deployment plans for the social-therapeutic residential group Villa Rosentau. The solution ensures among other things that at any point in time the necessary services are covered and enables simultaneously an overview of time and vacation allocation. The use is supported by VBA programming.
A Windows background service for medical practices enabling laboratory orders triggered within the existing practice software, to be transmitted automatically via a virtual printer set up for this purpose. Realized on behalf of trimell.